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Most frequent questions and answers

Notaries will be paid for services rendered within 24 hours from completion and confirmation form is completed via the link in the original confirmation email you received when the job was assigned to you.

You may choose to have a check mailed or we use paypal and venmo.

Over the past several years, Link Signings has been aggressively marketing and securing accounts for our auto division. We need competent, full-time, mobile notaries located throughout the nation to complete our automotive-related signings.

Although the signing typically takes less time, its many forms and signatures may be unfamiliar to the average notary. Automobile sales documents vary in appearance, and the disbursement of client copies is completely different than it is for mortgages. We are aware that numerous states already require certain automotive documents to be notarized. Many lenders are reluctant to lend to out-of-state borrowers or co-signers because of the inherent risks of fraud. That is why the need for mobile notaries is so great. E-signings may someday be a way of life, although the same problems lie with not knowing who you are really dealing with.

Unlike mortgage signings, dealer documents for automotive signings are not e-documents and require no printing. Original documents will be sent via overnight fedex or UPS to the delivery address in your notary profile. 

We will email a standard acknowledgment certificate to be notarized when verifying customer identity. Please print it when appointment instructions are received. 

The packet you receive will contain a vehicle contract, DMV documentation, various policies and disclosures. All documents must be signed in your presence where marked. The document that will be notarized is the acknowledgment certificate we email you.